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Inflexion Point Fee Policy for April 2020 Session

iPoint ATL (Pen-Drive Mode)

Component CS1/CM2 CM1/CS2 CB1/CB2 Remarks
Videos ₹ 5500 ₹ 5500 ₹ 5500 Provided in phases
R/Excel Videos ₹ 4400 ₹ 5500 N/A Provided in phases
Doubt Sessions ₹ 3300 ₹ 4400 ₹ 3300 As per schedule only
Mocks A (x2) ₹ 2200 ₹ 3300 ₹ 3300 As per schedule only
Mocks B (x2)(Online Computer-based) ₹ 3300 ₹ 4400 N/A Online under real exam conditions
Total (w/o GST) ₹ 18700 ₹ 23100 ₹ 12100
GST @18% ₹ 3366 ₹ 4158 ₹ 2178
Total with GST ₹ 22066 ₹ 27258 ₹ 14278
Total fee after Rounding off ₹ 22100 ₹ 27300 ₹ 14300
Total fee for One Time Payment ₹ 20,000 ₹ 24,000 ₹ 13200

iPoint CLiCK (Website Videos Mode)


Inflexion Point (Classroom Mode)

₹ 19,500 ₹ 24,500 N/A ₹ 11,500

iPoint iDL (Live Streaming Mode)

₹ 22,000 ₹ 27,000 N/A ₹ 14,000

Terms and Conditions

  • Fee once paid would not be returned under any circumstances.
  • Fee is valid for one user student. The videos are strictly for your personal viewing. Sharing, storing or pooling the videos in any manner whatsoever is illegal and punishable under relevant laws of the land.
  • Fee is for one exam session only. It’s only under the classroom program that force de majeure may be invoked at the sole discretion of the director whose decision shall be final and binding.
  • All the iPoint assignments are the copyright intellectual property of Inflexion Point. Theymust not be shared without any express written permission from Inflexion Point.