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In these exiting times of Digital India, iPOINT online is the digital initiative of inflexionPOINT, the best actuarial science coaching provider in India. Harnessing digital technology in a variety of ways to cater to all sorts of actuarial students, iPOINT has come up with various modes of imparting best actuarial science coaching. As different actuarial students have different time schedules due to differences in their jobs, office timings (in case of working actuarial students) or due to differences in college timings and other study related commitments (in case of non-working actuarial students); iPOINT has solutions suited to such varying needs aimed at helping them ace actuarial exam .



For actuarial aspirants with decent internet connectivity, iDL is the IDEAL way to study actuarial science. There are NO recorded videos here. Everything is live. Real-time live streaming of best actuarial science classes where you can speak anytime and get your queries answered instantly. Isn’t it IDEAL? If needed, you can share your screen, upload any image or pdf file to show your working or showing the exact question you are interested in. Isn’t it IDEAL? Form the iPOINT side, writing on the white board is the preferred mode but at times screen may also be shared. You are assured of full HD quality Video and Audio without any buffering – that is what iPOINT has mastered through its innovative investment in technology. Moreover, you also benefit from the doubts asked by other actuarial students – offline or online. This is iDL (read IDEAL) actuarial classes for you @the comfort of your home.



Highly recommended actuarial classes: For those aspirants who have busy/irregular work or study schedules making it difficult for them to join inflexionPOINT or iPOINT iDL. For those Actuarial students who have erratic internet or electricity supply. For those budding actuaries who prefer to move along at their own pace. The best mode to avail of the best actuarial science coaching is iPOINT CLiCK . You get secure login access to your online account where you get best actuarial science recorded videos. Subject to the fair use policy conditions, you can watch those videos for repetition and revision too.



No internet! No issues! With iPOINT ATL you can beat the problem of internet and ace the actuarial exams with elan. The recorded videos of the best actuarial science coaching in India would be home delivered to you. In our state of the art encrypted USB drive, you get all that you need to excel in actuarial exams.


iPOINT Assess

Not only in India but even outside, it is a common lament of actuarial students that there is hardly any practice material other than the prescribed one. Try searching google for alternative Actuarial resources and you are likely to draw a blank or highly technical academic tomes. For the first time ever in India, inflexionPOINT actuarial eduresources has addressed this concern effectively. After all, we are the best actuarial coaching institute for our forward thinking and innovative ideas with in-depth concept based teaching methodology. No matter what is your chosen way to avail of our best actuarial science coaching, you get the right to our online worksheets, assignments and mocks. Worksheets – on iPOINT Assess – are lecture/video specific where by actuarial students can revise their concepts and be assured of the correct understanding of the lecture/video content. Assignments – on iPOINT Assess – are Chapter specific, Topic specific (one each for every important topic) and also Section specific. By practising them, actuarial students feel confident and say good bye to exam pressure. Mocks – on iPOINT Assess – are designed to give your preparations a final polish and pressure handling training. If you have not been studying at inflexionPOINT or iPOINT for any reason whatsoever, you can still avail of the iPOINT Assess for a fee. Not only, you will get equipped with the arsenal you need to ace actuarial exams but you would also be able to figure out why we are the best actuarial science coaching provider.

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Gone are days of CV and cover letter. With its unique iPROFILE@iPOINT has made actuarial placements so much easier, efficient, economic and effective. Get yourself registered today and open the door to innumerable opportunities in the actuarial domain.