Study Material @inflexionpoint

The IFoA with the able assistance of ActEd has provided the Actuarial student community with a variety of Actuarial study material from core reading to explanatory texts to revision notes and flash cards et al. However, in some specific areas like practice questions for greater and deeper understanding of concepts and also for quick revision material that is based on new ground-breaking research, the available actuarial study material is found wanting and inadequate. To help address this glaring issue, Inflexion Point has taken it upon itself to design and distribute effective actuarial assignments that test your learning and teaches you to go further and analyse better. Additionally, we at Inflexion Point have also worked tirelessly to make Mnemonic cards to help revise and recap the vast syllabus covered by the CA1 – Actuarial Risk management. We have got rave reviews for our efforts. Here is your chance to experience first-hand the innovative actuarial study material by Inflexion Point.
Happy learning! Stress-free exams!